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You are most likely to run into some travel distress and confusion when you are planning your next travel destination. If you love to travel (and who doesn’t), you will find it a bit overwhelming to plan the ideal trip, from deciding and scheduling time off, listing places to visit, searching and booking flights and accommodation, and of course planning your travel budget.

There is a lot of organising and planning involved. In this article we look at the best travel planning apps and available websites to help you save some hassle and make traveling easy.

Top 5 Proven Travel Apps That Will Save You Time and Money

Travel Apps to Save Time and Money

  • Airbnb -Free iOS, Android

Airbnb changed the way that people book their accommodations when they travel as it is no longer limited to hotel stay. You can now stay in a beautiful house in the center of a city or a quaint little cottage out in the beautiful countryside. Airbnb makes booking your accommodations simple and more affordable by providing a shared accommodation search option.

  • Expedia – Free iOS, Android

The Expedia app is all-in-one-place booking apps. You can book your hotels, flights, car rental, even book tickets to theme parks and tourist attractions. Using Expedia, you have the option to book bundle deals, so your hotel and flights are all included in the booking, which can possibly results in some savings.

  • Kayak – Free iOS, Android

Kayak is an app that compare different travel sites to get you the best deals on flights, hotels and car rentals. There is even a function where you can enter in your budget and it tells you places you can afford to visit.

  • Skyscanner – Free iOS, Android

One of the best travel apps for flights is Skyscanner. It allows you to use different search criteria  using airline, flight duration, stop-overs, flight class, and arrival and departure times. To find the cheapest day to fly, you can search entire months, or see the cheapest countries you can fly to by searching without a destination (select “Everywhere”).

  • Momondo – Free iOS, Android

By comparing different flight search engines; Momondo is one I’ve used regularly and would recommend to anyone looking to get a good deal – it’s got a huge database to trawl through and there’s a neat graph that shows you the cheapest times to go, and it can also help you decide if layovers are the smartest way to travel.

Essential Travel Apps

Essential Travel Apps

  • XE – Free iOS, Android

Have you ever bought too many souvenirs because you underestimated their price by miscalculating the exchange rate? With XE you can double-check any price before purchasing by checking the exchange rate.

XE is frequently updated and data is stored offline so you don’t need to worry if you lose internet connection or simply want to avoid roaming charges. 

  • iTranslate – Free iOS, Android ($3 monthly subscription for pro version)

If you’re anything like me, traveling to a country where that speaks a language other than yours makes you wish to have a little mechanical device that you put into your ear that immediately translates any language you hear.

iTranslate is following the right direction. You speak into your phone and it’ll translate into any language you choose (90 languages are available). Then the person you’re speaking to would do the same and it translates into your language!

What’s even better is that you can download the most frequently used languages so you can use them offline.

  • PackPoint – Free iOS, Android

PackPoint simply helps you pack. It simply compiles a list of things to pack. You just need to specify your destination, travel date, and your plans. You can add or remove items from the list, then check them off once you have them packed.

You won’t ever have to deal with those ‘Did I pack my…’ feelings ever again.

Transportation Apps to Save Time & Money

Transportation Apps to Save Time and Money

  • Google Maps – Free iOS, Android

Google Maps makes exploring new places much easier. It helps you reach your destination faster by providing updates on traffic conditions. Also, it provides real time transit info to if you are catching a train or bus.

With Google Maps, you can discover places where local eats, find top-rated restaurants and decide where to go by checking ratings, reviews, and pictures of foods and interiors.

Google maps can be used offline – download the map for the place you want to explore and you are ready to navigate and search offline.

For iOS Devices: 

For Android Devices:

  • World Taxi Meter

Lots of people forget about factoring in transportation cost into their travel budget. This definitely should be considered in addition to the other costs of flights and hotels/accommodation. The World Taxi Meter has the capacity to calculate the cost of taxi fares in cities around the world which will help you to plan ahead a financial budget for your itinerary.

  • Uber – Free iOS, Android

Uber is cheaper, safer, and more convenient (set your destination and pay in app) than a taxi while traveling.

How Uber can save you money? As a tourist, you can be targeted for taxi scams. This can happen in different ways such as: turning off the taxi meter or by simply taking longer routes. If you opt to use Uber, your trip will be monitored and saved in Uber’s servers and you can easily report a complaint and get a refund if you suspect that the driver is trying to be dodgy.

Uber also eliminates language barriers. When I traveled to Moscow, I found that not many taxi drivers were able to speak English. But by using Uber, things were much easier and less confusing – by using the app, my destination was known to the drivers, and the cost of the trip was automatically charged to my credit card. Super easy!

The Gist

  • Find flights, hotel/accommodation and car rentals deals with Expedia, Kayak, Airbnb, Skyscanner and Momondo. Each site has its own unique features and is definitely worth exploring.
  • Keep tabs on currency exchange rates with XE Currency and avoid getting ripped off.
  • Overcome language barriers with iTranslate, no internet connection is needed.
  • Compile list of things to pack depending on your destination and planned activities with PackPoint.
  • Find your way around using Google Maps (can be used offline) and get transit directions.
  • Plan your budget for transportation by using World Taxi Meter and avoid taxi scams by using Uber.

Make Traveling a Joy

Thanks to the magic of technology, using apps for planning your holiday or business trip will definitely save you a lot of time, effort and money.


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