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Today I’ll be answering one of the most frequent questions I get:

What are the Best Budget Travel Destinations to visit in 2019?

To answer this question, I’ll be sharing not only my own opinion but also the opinion of the most trusted travel professionals in the industry; as unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to visit all of those destinations which some are really underrated.

If you’re wondering where you should travel next, read on!

These are the top 12 world’s most recommended Budget Travel Destinations in 2019

1. Western Australia

Sunset in WASugarloaf Rock, WAMeelup Beach, WABluff Knoll, WA

I’m not being biased here; and I didn’t put WA on top of the list because I live there.
If you are an outdoorsy person (like I am), you will fall in love with WA.

There are so many amazing things to do in Western Australia. Go west my friends, and you won’t regret it:

  • Enjoy the sunset at Cable Beach and why not to go for a camel ride along the beach
  • Cycle around Rottnest Island
  • Breakfast at Town Beach Cafe in Broome
  • Admire the Coral Bay
  • Wine tasting and road trips at Margs (Margaret River)
  • Snorkel at Turquoise Bay
  • Stand among the Valley of the Giants
  • Drive on Lucky Bay at Esperance and be wowed by Pink Lake
  • Walk the 1.8 kilometre Busselton Jetty
  • See the Perth Skyline from Kings Park
  • Walk amongst The Pinnacles
  • See wild dolphins in Bunbury

I can go on and on adding to this list but this is not the main goal of this post.

But please feel free to leave me a comment below, if you’d like me to dedicate a full post about Western Australia and what sort of adventures you can get yourself indulged in or simply if you are after any sort of specific information or tip.

I really don’t think that enough people visit WA when they plan their trip to Australia. I understand that it is a bit far from the two popular states (Melbourne and Sydney), but you will definitely love this place if you are into adventures and outdoors.

If you only visit the east coast of Australia you’re missing out on some of the best landscapes, beaches, food and wine experiences Australia has to offer – not to mention sunsets that will blow your mind!

moving on…

2. Romania

Castle Iron Market, RomaniaAlso, not enough people go there.

The people are cool in Romania. It’s cheap as well, and there’s a lot of history there, a lot of natural beauty.
People skip it, and you shouldn’t.

Romania is one of the greenest countries in Europe; over 50 percent of the country is still forested.
Moreover, it’s one of the last places in Europe that still has brown bears.

Whether you’re into hiking backpacking or travel backpacking, it’s good for you because Bucharest is one of the cheapest cities in Europe.
It’s really affordable if you want to go to Europe and you’re trying to stretch your dollar.

3. Russia

Saint Basils Cathedral, MoscowSaint Petersburg

Russia is really different. It’s really surprising and there’s absolutely a lot to offer and a lot more to see that you don’t typically see in the media and in other forms of travel content.

I traveled to Russia eight years ago. Overall, I really loved Russia and the cities of Moscow and St Petersburg are beautiful, especially Saint Petersburg.

I was really fascinated by the beauty of Saint Petersburg, it’s a gorgeous city and would love to go back, maybe not in the summer, as it was a scorcher in the afternoons and people were jumping and splashing in the fountains.

If you do get an opportunity to make it to Russia, I highly recommend that you take it.

TIP – Please ensure that you have planned which places to visit and your transportation because the majority of Russians don’t speak English and I still remember how I was lost on a sunday morning for more than 3 hours as it was a weekend, and everything was closed. Very few people were passing by at that time and none of them were able to communicate with me.

4. Prague

Astronomical Clock, PragueRed Houses, PragueCharles Bridge, Prague

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that Prague is underrated because it’s got quite a lot of people who visit in the summer months, and it can be a little overcrowded.
But if you hit it in the off-season, it is the perfect destination, I think it’s an awesome city.

It’s an excellent place with wonderful architecture, fun vibe, and beer that’s cheaper than water.

5. Budapest

BudapestBudapest is awesome.

Hot springs, great nightlife, beautiful architecture, beautiful people, really good food, and not that expensive.

They have 120 hot springs in the center of the city.

If you’re going to visit Budapest, have fun, experience the night-life,

6. Poland


People go to Krakow sometimes, but they forget Warsaw, the Banks, some really beautiful places in Poland.

The mountains in the south are spectacular. So I would say Poland is underrated.

TIP – Warsaw has a great craft beer scene.


7. Turkey

TurkeyNot just Istanbul, the entire country is so fascinating.

The people are amazing, the food is so yummy, the nature is so beautiful. Adding to that, there’re tons of history.

I know that Turkey is much more than that, there’s something unique about how cultures have blended together there.

The Bosphorus: You’re in Europe looking at Asia or vice versa; and there’s just layer upon layer of the history there.

The blend of cultures there is fantastic, and it’s definitely one of the things I loved most about Turkey.

8. Uzbekistan

UzbekistanOverall was a fascinating place for me, especially if you’re into history, architecture, and food.

Definitely a unique destination, unlike anywhere I’ve ever been before with its big, beautiful buildings, mausoleums, mosques, and minarets.

People there are very friendly and the food is tasty. It’s just a place that will really imprint itself on you.

9. Malaysia

Malaysia, Feeding MonkeysPetronas Twin Towers, MalaysiaBatu Caves, Malaysia

It’s quite popular among backpackers.

Every time I go, I have an amazing time. Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Cameron Highland.

The people, the food, the culture, the weather…amazing destination.

And one of the things that drew me to that country was the Jungle Railroad. It is a slow moving, scenic train that goes through the jungles in the heart of the peninsula, the Malaysian Peninsula. It was beautiful.

Georgetown, is a colorful, multicultural capital of the Malaysian island of Penang.

It’s a great place that blends together all sorts of different influences from Malaysian, Indian, English, Chinese.

10. Sri Lanka

Ceylon Tea, Sri LankaA lot of people go to the beaches of India, and all that kind of stuff, but don’t really think of Sri Lank as an awesome destination to visit.

It’s really incredible. The people are amazing and super friendly, great beaches, great surfing, great food, great culture.

It’s a totally underrated destination because it gets kind of overlooked with a country like India right next to it, which is a huge tourist draw.

It has really only been a destination that was frequented by surfers for the most part.

They go looking for waves all around the world and a lot of surfers have found paradise there in Sri Lanka.
Now more tourist are catching on.

11. Bolivia

Salt Lake, BoliviaFrom talking to people who visited Bolivia, it is a gorgeous country, but a lot of people have barely ever heard of it.

So make sure you go to Bolivia, and check out especially the salt flats (the Salar de Uyuni).

I haven’t been to Bolivia yet, but I’ve seen images. It looks like an incredible country.

But from what I’ve heard, Bolivia is about to be one of the next big destinations, and it’s a place I’d really love to visit.

It’s got the Death Road, which is crazy to bike down. That’s an adventure it can be in itself.

If you’re into adventure, you wouldn’t want to miss on this one. This is an up and coming destination, and it’s on my bucket list.

12. São Paulo, Brasil

São PauloIt’s a phenomenal city of 20 million Brazilians. It’s exhilarating; it’s exciting.

São Paulo is multicultural, fast paced city, with modern and gothic architecture, and incredible displays of street art to be explored.

The cultural diversity is reflected in São Paulo’s diverse food offerings from traditional Brazilian bites to dishes from far away places.

Tips and More InfoTips and More Information

If you guys have any tips for any place that I’ve mentioned, or any place that I haven’t mentioned, go ahead and add those down below in the comment section and please feel free to share the post to assist other fellow traverllers in deciding their next travel destination.

Remember: Stay Curious and Keep Exploring


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26 Replies to “Budget Travel Destinations 2019 – Get Inspired!”

  1. This is a really good post, I’m a person who loves travelling alot and over the years, I have travelled to a couple of places. I think I will love to go to Western Australia and see it’s beauties. I’d definitely like you put up a comprehensive post about it so I’d know more about the place. I feel like you should have added Georgia though and maybe south Africa. I’ve been to this two places and I didn’t need to spend so much to have a really swell time. Great post

    1. Thanks for your comment Jackson. I will add Western Australia on my list of posts to publish soon.

      You are absolutely right about Georgia and South Africa. My cousin has been to Georgia and I saw the pictures which were really mesmerising. I think I’m gonna add these two destinations on my bucket list.

      Thanks for the tips and for dropping by

  2. Thanks for this informative article on travel destinations Budapest has been on my list for a long time now, this city successfully mixes its fascinating history with a brilliant, laid back contemporary artistic style. There are a wide range of different things for visitors to see and do, from museums to thermal spas,i believe i should be able to find something that tickles my fancy. Thanks for sharing 

    1. That’s what I love about Budapest…there’s definitely something for everyone.

      Thanks for your comment Seun and Happy Travelling.  

  3. Hi

    The options you give in this amazing article are the best. 

    I have to say that I always wanted to go to Istanbul. It’s a must summer destination. There are so many to see, do, eat and buy there. Some of Istanbul’s attractions are Aya Sofya, Vosporos, The Greek bazaar, the Hammams such as the exquisite delicacies and beverages. I adore this destination and I intend to visit it, I hope this year. Do you believe I should make this trip in winter or in summer?

    The other destinations are exciting, too. My second choice would be Malaysia. It has something exotic with multicultural influences. 

    Thanks for your wonderful topic.


    1. Aya Sofya is fascinating indeed, and I gotta say thank you for adding the Greek Bazaar to the list.

      I haven’t checked it out, but will make sure to do in my next visit.

      I love to visit Turkey in winter to enjoy the snow scene in Bursa, visit traditional Hammam and it’s the cheapest time to stay in Istanbul. Summer is beautiful as well, you can scape the heat by having cold Ayran or a yummy Turkish ice cream 😀

      So it all depends on what sort of activities you are into to determine the best time for your visit 🙂

      But generally speaking, I would say, March to May and September to November are considered to be the best time to visit Istanbul. Due to the fact that there wouldn’t be too many tourists YET, and you can avoid inflated prices (June through August). 

      Happy Travelling Thodoris and thanks for your comment. 

  4. I know Australia is a nice place to visit but being overseas one would here a lot of things which may or may not be true and one of the things I have heard about Australia is that it is home to a lot of reptiles. I am not entirely sure how true that is but it is something I have actually heard more than one’s. Apart from that I think it is a pretty lovely place that I would love to one day visit. 

    1. Absolutely true Jay, there is a lot of dangerous creatures in Australia. However, there are usually warning signs and it’s always recommended to have a mate when you go bushwalking or planning to do any sort of outdoor activity.

      Summer time of course is riskier for bushwalking as snakes go out in warm weather…don’t mean to scare ya but just throwing in some precautions 😀

      I have been in WA for around 3 years now, did lots of exploration around and I’m still safe and sound 🙂

  5. These are really, amazing places to visit,of great diversity and with many interesting cultures,to experience,around the world..

    I’ve never been to western Australia, the only place I’ve passed through is Sidney, on the way to New Zealand, it has many interesting places to see and to visit,the beaches seem amazing,and the food and wine sound great.

    I was watching a film about the Romanov’s, so I would like to visit Russia,the culture seems so different,and Moscow and St. Petersburg,was where most of the action was set,also I expected the weather to be cold, and was surprised to hear that it gets so hot in the summer.

    Sao Paulo Brazil I’ve heard a lot of, through documentaries and films, and seems an interesting place to visit, the cuisine seems varied and different to what we are used to,and the mix of Indian and European cultures,must be very different.

    1. Hi Robert, thanks very much for your comment. It’s just amazing to travel and explore different places and meet people from different cultures 🙂

      It doesn’t usually get so hot in summer in Russia, but lucky me that summer was one of the hottest summers they’ve had in a very long time. I remember also that there was some wildfires due to this extraordinary heat. 

      Overall, it’s a great destination and definitely recommended if you get a chance. 

      Thanks for dropping by, Robert and give the Brazilian BBQ a try if you end up in Sao Paulo one day 😉 

  6. Hi

    Thanks for the great post. My last trip to Australia was based around the Brisbane area, there was so much to do and see within reasonable driving distance.

    Loved the Gold coast too, who doesn’t?

    I hadn’t thought too much about Western Australia before, but reading your post has made me think that I should add it to my list.

    I’d love you to dedicate an entire post to the area, it’s sounding like somewhere that I should spend some time getting to know.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Judy, thanks for going through this post and sharing your experience.
      The Gold Coast is absolutely gorgeous as well…
      Western Australia is absolutely amazing if you are into outdoors and adventures, I have received so many requests to write a post about WA. So I will try to do that soon. Stay tuned and thanks for dropping by Judy 🙂

  7. This really is an inspiring list of destinations! I’m one of those people who feel equally at ease in large cities or completely rural settings. Your list combines both as possible destinations.

    A couple of destinations you’ve described caught my eye. I’d like to check out a city like Bucharest. I’ve sailed down the Danube as far as Budapest and thought that continuing further along the Danube to Bucharest and possibly to the Black Sea would make an interesting trip.

    Budapest is a city I’ve really enjoyed. I really enjoyed its walkability and places like Castle Hill and the Great Market Hall, a huge indoor market catering to all manner of foods and spices.

    Since first hearing about The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, the city has joined my bucket list. I’m one of those unfortunate souls that can get lost for days in a museum such as The Hermitage Museum or Winter Palace. Some day…

    Also someday I’d like to explore a city like Kuala Lumpur. I’m pretty sure it would be quite a bit different from my European jaunts. Maybe Malaysia could be my entry point to a new continent to add to my travels.

    Another continent you’ve covered is South America. Every time I hear about Bolivia, I think of the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” with Paul Newman and Robert Redford. They found it pretty isolated, but I think that might be its charm.

    Thanks for opening my eyes to new destinations!

    1. Hey Mike, thanks very much for your awesome comment and sharing with us some of the coolest activities and tips.

      If you are into Museums and cultural landmarks, Russia and Saint Petersburg in particular is the right destination for you. Hermitage is just fascinating and you won’t be able to finish your tour there in one day for sure.

      If you end up there, make sure to go as early as possible because you will find people queuing to get in there.

      it’s absolutely worth it.

      Oh yeah and one more thing, if you go to Russia, you need to experience using the metro, the art and decor of Moscow Metro Stations is fascinating. 

      thanks again for dropping by and happy travelling 

  8. This is one of my dreams to travel all over the world, I am in Germany and I already visited so many cities within. However, due to lack of money I can not visit other countries yet.

    I so want to visit Romania and Prague as you mentioned them, I heard a lot how beautiful they are.

    Brasil is one of the best too with awesome beaches! I love your post so thorough and great content!

    1. Hi Mohammad, we all share the same dream with you – travelling around the world 😀
      I’d highly recommend Prague if you get a chance and if you plan to visit Brasil, Rio de Janeiro Carnival 2020 will begin on Friday, 21 February and ends on Wednesday, 26 February.
      it is one of most amazing festivals around the world and believe it or not: the first Carnival festival in Rio occurred in 1723!

      Keep Exploring and thanks for tuning in, Mohammad.

  9. Hi, am so amazed how the world has wonderful features in different parts of the country’s 

    I guess i have to save a good amount of money to visit some of this country you have mentioned on your website. 

    I love Australia and I hear that, most of the world’s marsupials are found in Australia.

    Australia is home to the oldest living civilisation in the world so I guess they have so much to teach us when you are there. 

    What I love most about Australia is the ridiculous amount of amazing adventures to be had down gravel and sandy roads only accessible to 4WD’s. 

    Most of Australia’s exotic flora and fauna cannot be found anywhere else in the world. 

    This is my top on your list country I would love to travel and I guess you can do more research and post on your website so that I can have more adventurous place in Northern Australia to put on my list.

    good work and keep it up. 

    1. Hi Yenb, Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Australia is absolutely amazing and as you said the 4WD’s adventures, camping, road trips…etc are really never ending and great fun. The most beautiful part about it is like whenever you go there is always something new.

      I’ll be writing a detailed post about Western Australia and will add some information about the Northern Territory where you can immerse yourself in the stories, artworks and ancient traditions of Aboriginal Australians, one of the world’s oldest living groups.

      It is definitely something interesting to write about, thanks for suggesting that 🙂

  10. Hi Adel, Thank you for your amazing list of the places to visit, it really makes you want to book a ticket right away!

    I would just like to add about Istanbul – it is the place i could live forever! The must try is a “Chatal”, something between “Simit” (traditional Turkish bakery products) and some sweet biscuit, it is soooo yummy, and you can buy it on every corner for 1 or 2 liras (Turkish currency), along with the Turkish tea of course!

    Also, Bosphorus ride is something incredible, especially because there are houses of celebrity Turkish actors along (if you are into Turkish soaops like me).

    There is so much to see and do in Istanbul, but also in Places calle “Adalar” wich means Islands in Turkish language, and also Kushadasi (very touristic place though).

    When it comes to WA, I would add a visit of Chocolate factory as well, (https://chocolatefactory.com.au/) where you can eat so much chocolate for free! 😀
    Thanks again, waiting for more amazing stories, please!

    1. Hi Jasna, I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed this post.
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience in Istanbul and just reading your comment about the food, it made me drool 😀

      Amazing amazing tips, thank you for that.
      I loved the bit about the free chocolate in WA Chocolate Factory, I know what you are talking about 😀

      It’s great to have you here part of the ExploringFreak family and thanks again for your comment, Jasna

  11. Perfect inside for those who love backpack or cheaper traveling. People interested in the topic can get some tips. Sri Lanka is really the most overlooked one I guess.
    Personally, I am having friends who are living in the 80% of the locations out of the list, so I can prove that the info is correct. ha-ha

    As a born Slovakian, I have to mention that right between Hungary and the Czech Republic in Austria. And I would recommend that as well, especially if you are not from the region.

    Nature, service and overall experience would be higher than in the two other countries overall mentioned. Similar prices are: in supermarkets and accommodation.
    Higher prices expect restaurants and public transport (here can help obb card, or regional card, you can find ingo online, useful in case you would stay more than a week).

    Loved your post, Adel and want just share the own experience.

    Well done and good luck with your blog!

    1. Absolutely right Julius, there are always cheap travel destinations where you can still have amazing experiences without breaking the bank 😀

      I gotta say, Austria is on my list to visit. I’ve watched some clips and man…the nature is just fascinating!!!
      Thank you so much for highlighting this amazing destination, and it’s definitely interesting the facts the you’ve mentioned about the services and prices compared to the other countries.

      Cheers for the tips and thanks a lot for your comment and sharing your experience, Julius.

  12. I really want to start travelling more in 2019 and beyond. This gave me some good starting points for travelling on a budget. I’ll be following your blog. Thank you!

  13. Hi. This post is captivated me. I’m interested in backpack traveling a lot. Today I was browsing to see budget travel destination and came across to your fabulous Website.

    To be honest, My goal is get an opportunity for travel to amazing places of the world and being able to experience others Cultures and Traditions. My first priority in the list would absolutely be Western Australia. Sidney and Melbourne were always my favorite cities but like you said, traveling to the east parts also would be great as well.

    Next destination for me would be Prague and Bolivia I’m curious about it and I am really looking forward to travel there ASP.

    Thanks for your post. Cheers

    1. Hi Shirian, I’m so glad that you’ve come across ExploringFreak and you found what you were looking for.

      When you touch down in Western Australia, make sure to drop me a line and I can definitely provide you with some more tips.

      Best of luck with your travels. Enjoy and Keep Exploring 🙂 

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