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Travel planning platforms/apps like Google Trips, Travefy, Planapple, TripIt and Roadtrippers will create an itinerary for your next trip with a few clicks, with a Travel Itinerary Builder you can easily create a list of activities to do and places to visit in your next trip.

Google Trips App (Free) – (Android and iOS)

Google Trips provides you with suggestions for things to see and do, it makes it easier to plan and organise your trips as it shows you tons of cool things near and far, so you can find your next destination faster.

Want to know what museums and historical sites are within walking distance? Or find the best restaurants in Rome? Done. Google Trips can help you plan your daily activities and recommend the best places to visit from galleries to cafes to beaches.

How it works: Google Trips builds your itinerary by scanning Gmail or other inboxes for all of your travel information (Travel bookings: hotels, flights, car rentals and restaurants) which will be gathered and organised automatically.

A very important feature – you can still use the app offline if you don’t have internet access. This will enable you to see your travel details wherever you are and save places for easily finding them again. Destination guides can be downloaded as well.

Of course it wouldn’t be a Google app without useful information on getting around including public transport, walking and ride-sharing services.

Travefy (Free)

Travefy is an easy online travel planner where you can plan your trip with friends and family, build travel itineraries, day by day and you can invite people to your trip through email or via Facebook and Twitter.

How it works: Search for restaurants and activities as well as book hotels or vacation rentals around the world. Share ideas and talk about them with your fellow travelers. One of the best features in Travefy is destination search; type in where you’re heading and find, restaurants, motels, sight seeing.

You can use Travefy also for planning and sharing different event details with friends and family for destination weddings, bachelor parties and bachelorette parties, know who’s coming and when they’re arriving.

Another feature is the Expense Tracker, it makes sure nobody gets stuck with the bill. You can track all expenses and collect money from your group for expenses before, during or after the trip to split trip expenses.

Planapple (Free/Donation)

Another itinerary building platform is Planapple. It helps you create, organise, access and share all your vacation plans

How it works: There is no mobile application. therefore, you need to create your trip details first and then to register and install the Planapple button for your browser. If you are on your mobile phone, you can use the mobile site at which will bring up a site optimised for phones and tables and has offline access as well.

  • Organise Ideas: Keep everything organised in one place and collect your vacation ideas in an online trip notebook, and you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed with travel planning. This should be an exhilarating task! But when you’ve lost track of your notes and your inbox gets cluttered with ideas and requests from tripmates, your browser’s full of bookmarked hotels and restaurants — it can become a burden to keep it all straight and be able to organise your ideas. That’s where you can use Planapple, as it helps you collect your plans, and ideas and saves them all in one place, organised and manageable.
  • Plan Together: Planapple eliminates the communication challenges and email negotiations, making group planning simpler. You can discuss the itinerary with your tripmates. When you’re planning a trip with others, you know that keeping everyone satisfied can be complicated. Discussions and voting all in one place make it easy to come to quick agreement, and everything is managed in one central spot. And this will definitely ensure that no one misses out on one juicy detail.
  • Carry Your Plans: Planapple puts your plans right in your pocket. You can carry and access your plans on your mobile device  anywhere. Using Planapple, you can download your, addresses, emails, itinerary, phone numbers, and even discussions with your co-travelers to your phone before you go, avoiding scary international data charges. Or access your entire trip on the web anytime, anywhere;  all your details are available to you, 24/7. And if you are a paper person and want to make sure that you have all of your travel details available whenever needed, you can print your plans and take them anywhere you go.
  • Share With Friends: Planapple makes it easy to share what you did, where you went, and what you liked (or didn’t!) by create recommendations to share on Facebook and Pinterest.

In short, Planapple will allow you to create your vacation ideas in an online trip notebook, plan your itinerary with your tripmates and share it with friends.

TripIt (Free – Pro Version US$ 49/Year) – (Android and iOS)

TripIt will help you gather and organise all your travel documents/itineraries in one place before you travel to your next destination. This feature is available with the free version of TripIt.

How it works: by sending your reservations to TripIt, you will be able to view flight tickets, travel confirmations, hotel booking info, and car rentals reservations. If you have someone picking you up from the airport or train station, the app makes it simple to share your trip details and plans with this person or anyone else you may need to inform them about your travel plans.

Get instant alerts for flight delays, cancellations, and gate changes and believe it or not—often faster than from the airlines!

The Pro version costs $49 per year and offers many features which can assist frequent travelers in different ways such as: receiving real time flight alerts, tracking frequent flyer miles, and even helping to get a refund if something goes wrong with the trip plans.

Roadtrippers (Free) – (Android and iOS)

If you love road trips, then you should definitely give Roadtrippers a try. It is the ideal application if you want to organise an amazing road trip you’ve always wanted to take.

By using Roadtrippers, you can book hotels along the way of your trip, plan out your driving route, find interesting and hidden gems to visit, find where the locals eat and save one-of-kind spots to go back to during the trip.

Without a Doubt…

Frequent travelers are relying more than ever on their smartphones and travel itinerary builders for planning their trips, not only for planning but also for booking them as well. So jump on board and explore the above five apps/platforms and see which one suits your travel needs, ease all the planning and help organise your next big adventure.


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